Publication 2010

NK cells terminal differentiation: correlated stepwise decrease of NKG2A and acquisition of KIRs.
Vivien Béziat, Benjamin Descours, Christophe Parizot, Patrice Debré, Vincent Vieillard.
PLoS ONE Vol 5,Issue 8, August 2010

Identification and characterization of a non-satellite cell muscle resident progenitor during postnatal development.
Kathryn J.Mitchell, Alice Pannérec, Bruno Cadot, Ara Parlakian, Vanessa Besson, Edgar R Gomes, Giovanna Marazzi and David Sassoon.
NATURE CELL BIOLOGY vol12, number3, March 2010

ASPM-associated stem cell proliferation is involved in malignant progression of gliomas and constitutes an attractive therapeutic target.
Sandra-Nadia Ngwabyt Bikeye, Carole Colin, Yannick Marie, Raphaël Vampouille, Philippe Ravassard, Audrey Rousseau, Blandine Boisselier, Ahmed Idbaih, Charles Félix Calvo, Pascal Leuraud, Myriam Lassalle, Soufiane El Hallani, Jean-Yves Delattre and Marc Sanson.
Cancer Cell International 2010, 10:1, Jan 11 2010